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If any question shall arise as whether an applicant is eligible the decision of the National Council shall be binding on the  applicant and conclusive.

Any person wishing to become an Apprentice /Trainee Member shall fill out an application which sent to the Membership Secretary, via the Section Secretary as the case may be, and, upon being elected shall thereupon become a member of the Guild.

Every person shall on becoming an Apprentice /Trainee member forthwith become liable to pay to the Guild the current subscription, as decided by the National Council from time to time, and on each succeeding year of continuing membership shall pay to the Guild on the 1st January in  each year  the required amount. If election to the Guild took place after the 30th June in any year the first subscription shall be half the current  subscription, and if election takes place after the 1st October in any year the first subscription shall become due on 1st January of the following year.

To qualify for Apprentice/Trainee Membership of the Guild  an applicant must provide suitable evidence  of  previous work experience.

Any person wishing to become a Journeyman Member shall complete an application and this will be sent to the the Section Secretary as the case may be, and, upon being elected to Journeyman Membership shall thereupon become a member of the Guild. A Journeyman Member shall be entitled to use the designation of M.G.B.

To qualify for Journeyman Membership an applicant must  have trained in the craft of bricklaying and have worked as a journeyman and satisfy one of the following conditions:- Possess the Craft Certificate of the City and Guilds of London Institute or equivalent Certificate issued by the Regional Examining Unions or the NVQ Level II Be over 30 years of age, having had experience in the trade in a supervisory capacity and proposed and  seconded by one full member.

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