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GOB 2022 Competition - West Midlands

GOB 2022 Competition - West Midlands

Held at the one and only Warwickshire College of excellence. Thank you

The Winners are...

🏆Senior Heat - Declan Hobley - Warwickshire College (Rugby)
🥈Senior Heat - Nick Cox - NHBC
🥉Senior Heat -

🏆 Junior Heat -  Owen Shaw - Warwickshire College (Moreton)
🥈 Junior Heat - Kyle Fenmore - NHBC
🥉 Junior Heat - Josh Townsend - Warwickshire College (Ruby)

Warwickshire College (Moreton)

Also a massive shout out to Alex Louisa for the Derek Spencer Award - Winning 🏆

We would also like to thank our sponsors, @wienerburger  @MPA who with out you we could put on these competitions.

A BIG shout out to our diligent judges from the GOB President Bill Bowman, helped by Vic Scrivan’s and Dennis Westwood - Legends!



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