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Guild of Bricklayers 2024 Competition

Kickstarting on March 12th, the exhilarating GOB 2024 showdown is about to unfold, spotlighting the UK's crème de la crème of junior Bricklayers in a gripping contest that culminates on June 20th.

Anchored in tradition and excellence since its inception in 1932, the Guild has steadfastly championed the epitome of brickwork mastery. Through the expansive network of the UK’s construction colleges, the Guild orchestrates, with pivotal support from esteemed partners, thrilling regional competitions. This venerable event not only celebrates the rich heritage of bricklaying but also sets the stage for emerging talents to showcase their skills, vying for the coveted title of the UK's top junior Bricklayer. Gear up for a spectacle of skill, precision, and artistry at the GOB 2024 – where history meets the future of construction craftsmanship!

🧱 North West Regional Heat taking place at City of Liverpool College on the 12.03.2024

🧱 Wales Regional Heat taking place at Coleg Gwent Newport Campus on the 14.03.2024

🧱 Yorkshire Regional Heat taking place at Burton Bishop College on the 21.03.2024

🧱 Southern Regional Heat taking place at Chichester College on the 16.04.2024

🧱 Midlands Regional Heat taking place South Staffs College, Cannock Campus on the 24.04.2024

🧱 Northern Regional Heat taking place at Sunderland College, City Campus on the 17.04.2024

🧱 London Regional Heat taking place at Reading College on the 09.05.2024

🧱 Western Regional Heat taking place at New College Swindon on the 15.05.2024

🧱 East Anglia Regional Heat taking place at City College, Norwich on the 16.05.2024

🧱 Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire Regional Heat taking place at Grimsby Institute, Brick workshop, Grimsby on the 22.05.2024

🏆 The Grand Final Taking Place at Herts Regional College Broxbourne Campus on the 20.06.2024

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